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Astrophotography: Summer 2020 Update




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GAAC Meeting, October 9 2020, with Robert Naeye and Finding Life on Other Worlds

Are we alone or do we share our solar system and galaxy with other forms of life? And how widespread are advanced civilizations with whom we could communicate? Right now we don’t have answers to these profound questions. But scientists are in hot pursuit...

Earth & Space Report No 6, with AAVSO Director Stella Kafka

Guest Presenter and AAVSO Director Stella Kafka reviews her tenure as Director, and discusses the role of the AAVSO in current stellar research.

GAAC Meeting September 11 2020: Jeremy Parker and The Comet Chronicles

A photo/video account of comet NEOWISE by Gloucester Area Astronomy Club astrophotographer Jeremy Parker, and a review of some of the more recent Great Comets.

Perspective: The Case for Coordinating Earth & Space Science Education

In this essay, I argue in support of teaching the Earth & space sciences together, so that students can attain a more holistic understanding of their planetary environment, how it came to be, and where it is headed. Such teaching (and teachers) should receive the same priority as in the teaching of physics, chemistry, and biology.

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