Your responses to the following 8 questions will help readers search by name, geographic region, time period, and other considerations.

1. What is your full name (first, middle, last),

Beverly Joy Smith

your most published name,

Beverly J. Smith

and your nickname?


2. When were you born? (day, month, year)

3. Where were you born? (city/town, state/province, nation)

4. What is your current nationality?

5. What secondary, undergraduate, and graduate schools did you attend? Please list each school by name, state/province, country, and degree(s).

Brown University, A. B., University of Massachusetts, Ph.D.

6. What is your current institutional affiliation?

East Tennessee State University


7. What are your primary interests relating to Astronomy (research, education, public communication, amateur engagement, other)? Please rank from 1 (greatest focus) to 4 (least focus). Ties are OK. Further details are OK too.

1: education, 2: research

8. Some other identifiers which you may (or may not) choose to communicate publicly might include your gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, ethnicity and religious faith.

The remaining questions are intended to help you build an informative and engaging personal profile in Astronomy and related sciences.

9. What was your childhood like? (please feel free to elaborate)

10. When did you first develop an interest in Astronomy and related sciences?

11. What persons helped to support your interests and develop your skills relating to Astronomy? Here is your chance to publicly thank those who supported you during…

Secondary School (if applicable)

Miss Maquire, Mr. Stearns, Mrs. Swanson

Undergraduate School (if applicable)

David Cutts

Graduate School (if applicable)

12. What was your first real “job” relating to Astronomy? (if applicable)

Post-Doc at the University of Texas

13. What activities, experiences, or achievements relating to Astronomy have been most rewarding to you?

14. What are your current interests and activities relating to Astronomy?

Extragalactic Astronomy, Variable Stars


15. Are there any regrets that you would care to share?

16. What lessons-learned or other insights would you like to share with aspiring astronomers, etc?

17. What non-astronomical activities are you engaged in that you would like to share?

18. What other comments would you like to add?